Good News! My mom made red beans and rice.

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9 thoughts on “Good News! My mom made red beans and rice.

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  2. Melissa on said:

    I am moving out before I am thirty! And before my younger brother! And in 2012 like I wanted to!
    PS I have cerebral palsy which is most of the reason I still lived at home

  3. Nice! What state are you from?

  4. shscanlon on said:

    Speaking of plaid, I finished sewing a plaid shower curtain for my bathroom.

  5. Cool, what state are you from?

  6. Jenn Goodin on said:

    Good news from Ohio. Someone tried to abduct my 8-year-old daughter last week near school when she was outside alone (that’s terrible news, but the outcome is good). He pulled up in a truck and said he had a puppy in the back that she should come see. She remembered our talk about stranger danger and she ran like hell to the school. They have not caught the guy yet, but the good news is that I have my daughter home safe and sound.

  7. Wow, happy to hear she is safe! Good reminder for stranger danger talk. I just had one with Monty. Thanks for sharing, and pat on the back to your daughter for running like hell!

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