My name is Mary and due to some freaky deaky health problems I’m kind of stuck on my sisters couch in California. It can get a little depressing so I’m looking for good news and positive things to report every day for 30 days in an attempt to keep my spirits up and spread optimism and not die of despair! I find local and national news to be pretty depressing and leaving me feeling kind of sad about the world. I know there are a lot of good people and positive things happening too, just not a lot of outlets in which to report them. So here’s one to add to the mix. Plaid makes me happy so I will always wear a plaid shirt when I report good news and will have my dog Monty alongside me because he’s my biggest source of positivity. If you have some positive news to share, comment on any pages of the blog or email goodnewsinplaid@gmail.com. Leave your first name and state too. An example would be “I’m Mary and scooped my neighbors dog poop for her!”- Louisiana. A non-example would be “I’m Mary and my neighbor always leaves her dog poop on the ground so I threw it at her front door!”I don’t expect this to change the world, I’m just trying to add some positive energy into it.

You can follow my weird sick life at 25pillsaday.com.


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